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Hi there! I'm Chris, and I would love to have the opportunity to write for you.


I thoroughly enjoy writing and on a wide range of topics. If it's a subject that's new to me, you can trust that I will become an expert on it before the project is through. Meticulous research is one of my passions, in addition to writing. For a comprehensive view of my professional and educational background, head straight into LinkedIn.


Writing has been a consistent thread throughout my life, leading to success in various income-producing hobbies and professions. I was good at it from a very early age and was a voracious reader, as well. Expressing myself through my writing has been my superpower, earning me scholarships at academic institutions and arts festivals. And it was my writing that helped me secure excellent side gigs while slogging my way through a career as a freelance musician. My persuasive writing skills also played a crucial role in the development of both my music booking agency and my event design business, where my ability to 'paint a picture’ with words was key to writing successful sales proposals and ad copy.


My passion has been writing for my own publications, most importantly Men On Pause, a space where I expound on issues that affect older women and the men who love them. The column doles out advice with a generous side of humor and profanity, provides resources on women’s health, includes colorful stories, explores women’s sexuality and issues with men, and promotes women in all things through interviews and features. The publication targets women over 50, but has also found an enthusiastic and supportive audience of men, who now make up over half of MOP’s subscribers and followers. The publication is snarky and irreverent, insightful and inciteful, peppered with colorful language and spicy topics. It’s not for the faint of heart, and it represents all that I am as a person and writer.


I am currently writing features and cover stories for Napa Valley Life Magazine, business profiles for Charleston Style & Design, Atlanta Style & Design, and Dallas Style & Design, features for the Healdsburg Tribune, and articles on wedding-related subjects for Signature Bride Magazine. I also create compelling promo materials, website copy, social media pieces, eBrochures, and sales proposals for businesses throughout the Bay Area and nationally.

Though no spring chicken, I’ve got my feet firmly planted in the present, and I make it my job to stay on top of current trends, politics, and the news generally. Any topic that is important to my GenZ kids is important to me, as are issues that affect women and those whose rights and needs are under attack in our current political environment. Other topics of interest include the environment, healthful living, sexuality, mental health, alcohol-free lifestyles, civil rights, reproductive rights, hospitality, food and wine, education, art, and music.

Whenever you need polished writing that is intelligent and speaks to your audience in just the right voice, count on me. And for those of you wanting satirical writing (on just about any topic), know that I'm down for it. My enthusiasm for comedic writing knows no bounds.







And I

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