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Assorted Satire

Enjoy satire from Church of Perpetual Reparations, Error In Judgement and Wine Sphincter. Not for the faint of heart or those who lean right of center on the political spectrum. Fair warning. 🤡

The goods:

The Real Life of Jesus: who was this guy anyway?

Donald Trump Obit


A Quick Fix For Avoiding Eternal Damnation

CalTrans Hires Amish To Complete Hwy. 101

T’was The Night Before Kwanzaa


Best Sparkling Wines to Pair With Indictments

Which Religions Have The Worst Music?

Best Adult Diapers for Wine Tasting


Blasphemy Friday


Christmas Memories: Uncle Jack


Is Jesus Too Soft On Crime?

Best Wines To Gift the Mary Altar


Thoughts and Prayers Boosters Recommended


Which Sexual Positions Bring You Closer To God?


The Flying Nuns

Skincare Secrets of Steve Bannon


God. Help. Us.


Red Wine, Red Flags


Top Ten Items Left At Wineries


Wine Spectator Has Gone To The Dogs


Most Expensive Tacos Ever


Not Even A Goodbye


California Wines and Norwegian Cuisine


Largest Dinner Tab Ever


Romantic Hunting Getaways


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