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Men On Pause

The publication Men On Pause is for women who lived through the sexual revolution and the women's rights movement but whose menfolk peacefully slept through both.

Most women can't help but notice it’s slim pickings in all things once they hit menopause, and let's not even start in on the post-menopausal scenario. Nothing is really for us older women… not the latest Netflix series, nor the current fashion, not the dollars put toward medical research and certainly not the men. There aren’t even any songs with inspiring lyrics for older lassies. Sad. Unfair. Stupid.

Hello world! There are 73 million of us older women, just in the United States. And many of us are looking at decades of being locked in this cultural gulag. Are we pissed about that?! You bet. You could be making money off our fears and hopes (like you do for everyone else), but instead, you’ve chosen to IGNORE US. Your loss.

So yes, I think all older women should feel quite entitled in saying “fuck you,” loudly and often… at the grocery store, the DMV, at holiday gatherings, church, after unfulfilling sex with “Roger” and when they are five minutes late for their colonoscopy and have to reschedule after fasting for three days and drinking four gallons of Satan’s “lemonade” in one hour. Let it fucking rip!

Lots of great reading here, if you can handle a bit of profanity, sexual banter and jokes about men and their behavior. Fair warning.

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